Success Stories

Saba Parveen

Saba is one of EkTara’s oldest students and has been a part since 2011. She lives with her parents and has 2 younger siblings both of whom are also a part of Ektara. She lives with her family in a room (100 sq ft. approx) which also includes a small kitchen & a...

Navreen Aslam

Navreen comes from one of the most economically deprived families that is associated with us. She lives with her parents & has 3 younger brothers. She Her parents recently moved to the suburban part of the city as they could no longer afford to live in slums of...

Naheda Ali

Naheda has been associated with Ek Tara for the last 4 years. She is an inspiration for other young girls as she is one of our first students to have graduated into college. She is now pursuing B. Comm (hons) from one of Kolkata’s most prestigious college- Sri...

Ek Tara

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