Health and Nutrition

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have” – Winston Churchill 

Inculcating a healthy lifestyle in our children has been a tough challenge due to their underprivileged backgrounds. This is detrimental to any child’s physical and mental health, resulting in irregular attendance at school, higher drop-out rates and frequent complaints from parents about the child’s ill-health.

In order to enable a smooth transition between two opposing lifestyles, we ensure our students are counselled to be able to accept and change for the better.


Physical Health

There is systematic monitoring on immunization and de-worming of the children. Dental, ENT, pediatric and gynecological check-ups are held monthly. Medicines and first-aid kits are distributed regularly.


Mental Health

Teachers help identify any emotional or behavioural problems in their students and refer them to the counsellor who works with individual students. Multi-specialty camps are also conducted in the community twice a year.



We introduced the nutrition Programmememe as our students come from low income group families and often miss out on the necessary food that their body requires to grow healthily. A hot meal is provided for all the primary students and a nutritious snack for all the beneficiaries.


Health awareness Workshop


Individual & group counselling sessions


How can you help

Your donation will go a long way in helping these children

  • Help us organise medical camps.
  • Support hot meals for a quarter.
  • Donate seasonal fruits and milk.
  • Donate medicines.
  • Donate First aid kits