Community Enagement

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.

Working closely with people living in the Ward 59, 65 & 66, Ek Tara develops and delivers programs and initiatives that respond to their needs and supports the communities. Focusing on local priorities, and bringing people together around key issues, providing information/training, encourage collaboration, support planning and implementation along with local authorities; Ek Tara delivers benefits to the local residents. It’s a triangular methodology based on stakeholder engagement, feedback and consultant recommendation.

The objective is to create an environment for its community partners to help them establish key strategic priorities and support sustainable development. Also in the process to achieve greater self sufficiency for present and future generations.

Vocational Trining

Udaan – Vocation Training Project

Launched in 2011, this program was started with a small group of mothers keen on acquiring stitching skills enabling them to work out of their homes. Over the years several young women above 18, who dropped out of school for financial reasons, soon joined the program. The unit trains women to pursue sewing and embroidery as a profession and tries to place them.  Women who wish to stay on at Ek Tara are involved in production in-house and all products are sold through exhibitions across the city. The total strength of the program is 75 women.


Unmukt – Adult Literacy Project

Ek Tara recently launched its Adult Literacy Programme- “UNMUKT” with a group of young mothers and support staff from the community. This 300 hour long programme has modules on English (Basic and Communicative), Financial Literacy in association with NIIT Foundation “Jadu Ginni Ka“, Health, Hygiene, Nutrition, and Digital Literacy. The aim of the programme is to instil self belief, confidence and the ability to take informed decisions. Women play a passive yet extremely important role in deciding the future of the community and therefore empowering them is imperative in order to bring about any positive change in the community.


Chakke Pe Kaksha Project

The Chakke Pe Kaksha is a cart on wheels with extendable blackboards. The school’s educational learning games, can be installed anywhere. Set up and pack up can be done easily in minutes. It is designed for use on sidewalks, squares, parks and slums, or wherever space is available in the city. In its most compact form, the mobile school is 1.5 metres in length and can be easily manoeuvred through the streets. Fully extended, the mobile school cart is no less than 6 metres long.

Mobile School seeks out street and slum children in their own environment and creates positive meeting places where the child is unconditionally accepted and respected. The street worker visits the children to listen to them, build up a trusting relationship and offer opportunities to develop a positive self-image.

The curriculum of more than 300 educational materials targets the discovery and development of talents, interests, personal development and reflections. The primary goal here is to stimulate and develop a stronger identity and positive self-image, in order to make conscious, well-informed and future-oriented decisions.

The educational materials are divided into eight categories:

  • Basic education
  • Creative Therapy
  • Healthcare education
  • Life Skills
  • Children’s rights
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Basic Stimulation
  • Game Education

Income Generation Project

Women who wish to stay on at Ektara even after vocational training are involved in production in-house and all products are sold through exhibitions across the city.

Mobile School_2

Youth Mobilisation

Increasing numbers of young people are trapped in urban poverty, without the skills they need to build themselves a better life. Ektara works on ways of providing skills based training.

To ensure that other interventions met with success a Community Mobilisation Programmemememe was becoming increasingly necessary. We take regular assessments of our beneficiaries by collecting household data and evaluating the worthiness of their sponsorship. Due to this Programmemememe we are also able to share information with stakeholders for the advancement of our initiatives and get a better understanding of our impact.


Summer Camp

417 students participated in the camp held with the help of volunteers from Modern High School for Girls.


Mosquito Awareness Programmeme

An interactive session was held with the students and their parents about taking preventive measures against mosquitoes.


Pot Painting

The non-formal students headed the painting project under the topic ‘It’s a very joyous mural’ in October and enhanced the beautification of our centre.


Personal Hygiene Distribution Drive

Kits containing hygiene products like Medicare, toothbrush etc were handed out to all the students and members of staff in August.


How can you help

Your donation will go a long way in helping these children

  • Inform us about employment opportunities for the women in our vocational training.
  • Place a bulk order and support the training institute.
  • Donate towards Chakke pe Kaksha & help us bring education to those who cannot afford it.